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    • Love yourself first, so you know what you deserve. 先愛你自己,你才會知道自己值得讓誰來愛。

    • Destroy the torture you.毀掉那些折磨你的東西

    • smile is the shortest distance between two people.微笑是兩個人之間最短的距離。

    • Children abandoned by God 被上帝遺棄的孩子

    • 我以為開了燈的房間就不會黑 I think that turned on the light in the room would not be black

    • 安慰別人的話,終究安慰不了自己。-------Comforting others, can comfort yourself.

    • No matter how strong you are,someone will always be your fatal.無論你有多堅強,總有人是你的致命傷。

    • #你是我的陽光。# You are my sunshine。

    • Jmuped.Then I changed my mind.縱身一躍后,我改變了主意。

    • I decided that I did not love you.我決定不愛你了

    • If you cry sad, I laugh rampant!你若哭的凄涼,我定笑的猖狂!

    • The poison not invade, had had a hopeless 每個百毒不侵的人,都曾經無藥可救過

    • The net closely but buckle not forever. 十指緊扣卻扣不住天長地久

    • Adversity is a good discipline.苦難是磨練人的好機會

    • A tiny seeds in the hand, but in his heart he has a warm feeling.一顆小小的種子,握在手心里卻有溫暖的感覺。

    • In this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness——在這個世界上,只有真正快樂的男人,才能帶給女人真正的快樂。

    • When I was a child, was buried the most true most sweet smile.小時候,埋葬了最真最甜的微笑。

    • you are always my baby 聽到海的聲音。

    • Is missing you in the dream.在夢里想著你

    • Since you unintentionally I should let it go 你既然無心 我也該放手

    • False roll for me 虛情假意的給我滾

    • The best time of my life 我生命中最美好的時光。

    • To unmb the pain to laugh off my . 痛到麻木 才能笑得暢快淋漓。

    • If you are more active, you may find things.如果你主動些,也許會發現意外的驚喜。

    • 懂得釋懷才好迎接未來。To know is good for you to get to meet in the future.

    • My heart already have; no matter how good I do not want to. 我心里已經有了你;再好的我都不想要。

    • Everything has a price, the price of happiness is suffering.——凡事皆有代價,快樂的代價便是痛苦。

    • I think the brainwashing我想洗腦

    • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. 無論年紀有多大,你都可以有新的目標或新的夢想。

    • Can the lonely take the place of you 寂寞是否能代替你

    • I am your lucky the exdusive!我是你心目中的幸運女神

    • Time cut scar is called growth.時間劃破的傷疤叫做成長。

    • I do not know what to say, I just suddenly miss you at this moment. 我不知道該說什么 ,我只是在這一刻突然好想你。

    • The only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.需要你的人,才是你需要的。

    • 祝你從今往后前程似錦,不再煙酒為伴,孤獨為友,也不再相信愛情。

    • 愚人節并不是給愚人過的節,而是給說謊的人一個說真話的機會。

    • 你不是我的依靠,你不是我的信仰,你只是我生命中的路人甲。

    • 我說如果有一天我離開了你,你一定要堅強,還要保護好自己。

    • 一個人的演技,兩個人的沉默,三個人的悲傷,一群人的狂歡。

    • 原諒,不過是將遺憾悄悄掩埋;忘記,才是最深刻徹底的寬容。

    • 所有淚水組成一個淋漓的雨季,我想問“曲終,人是否會散?

    • 不過是分手,何必假惺惺的偽裝,狠狠傷過卻遲遲不肯忘。

    • 希望你幸福,不要硬撐。有時候,世界不是你想象的那樣。

    • 總有一天,你會遇到一個彩虹般絢爛的人,怦然而心動。